If you’ve been around the block a few times like I have when it comes to detox cleanses then you may know that they don’t work as a permanent weight loss solution.  But if you’re looking to improve your overall digestion, which can increase metabolism and boost your body’s natural fat burning capabilities then you definitely want to learn about the most effective natural detox cleanses.  In this article I outline the best natural detox cleanses to help you curb your appetite, ease digestion issues, reduce inflammation and even help you shed some unwanted fat. 

Note: Before doing any detox cleanse be sure to talk with your doctor or healthcare specialist. 

 Let’s get to it! 

My favorite detox cleansing method is a juice cleanse. It’s simple, fairly painless and is a great way to reduce inflammation, boost your immune system and improve digestion as it gives your body a chance to “clean up” all the more difficult to process foods. I would recommend a juice cleanse every 6 months.  It’s a great and delicious way to give your body the break it deserves.  I love these juice cleanse recipes from modernhoney.   https://www.modernhoney.com/healthy-juice-cleanse-recipes/ I would recommend doing a juice cleanse for no more than 30 days and easing slowly back into solid foods. 

Another great detoxifying method is a simple raw fruit and vegetable cleanse.  I first began researching this detox method when I was recovering from gnarly effects of an auto immune illness that popped up unexpectedly in 2016.  The illness ate away at the myelin sheath around my nerves on my legs and arms. Even a short walk to the bathroom became a difficult task for me. I contribute prayer and this detox to my nerves growing back to full strength quicker than medical experts suggested.  A great resource to check out for this cleanse is Medical Medium, Anthony William. https://www.medicalmedium.com/blog/medical-medium-28-day-cleanse

A little known ancient detoxing secret for reducing inflammation, promoting relaxation, easing bloating, improving digestion and more is something called castor oil packing.  Castor oil is rich in essential fatty acids which results in a detoxifying effect. Plus, this is applied topically so you don’t have to be concerned with a disruption in your normal diet.  Quality Castor oil packs can be bought here (not an affiliate link) https://drmarisol.com/castor-oil-pack/  or you can make them yourself. Here’s a great article on how to do that. https://www.healthline.com/health/castor-oil-pack

If you want a gentle detox then add any food containing natural probiotics to your diet. Fermented foods like cabbage, kefir, yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, miso (fermented soybean) and even sourdough bread have probiotics in them.  Adding natural probiotics can do wonders for your digestion resulting in more healthy bowel movements and strengthened immune system.    

Finally, there are lots of commercial detox cleanses on the market. Lots! I have tried a few that I won’t mention here for the simple reason that they didn’t work for me! I always feel that nature’s solution is usually the best. Save your time and money and just stick with proven natural methods.

Coko is a health coach specializing in weight loss, weight management and mindset training.  
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