Program Details

Medically formulated nutrition plan designed to burn fat quickly but gently.

On this plan you will eat perfectly macro-balanced meals designed to balance your blood sugars and get your body into a gentle and effective fat burn.  Once you are down to your healthy goal weight, your coach will transition you to a healthy eating plan so you can keep the weight off for good.

Dr. created long-term education plan for teaching you healthy habits (2)

You will learn how to install healthy habits in all areas of your life; including mental, physical and financial.  Your personal health coach will work with you to create goals and work in simple but powerful ways to accomplish them. This is coach Coko’s favorite part of the program!

Your Own Personal Health Coach

Either me or another excellent certified health coach will contact you via phone, email or text or each week to cheer you on your journey. Your health coach will provide tips, recipes and all the knowledge you need to succeed, including a program kick-off webinar.

A Private Community

of like-minded individuals who are working towards the same goal as you are, will be there to provide support, workshops, recipes, and tips.  We also have a nutrition support team composed of dietitians, doctors and nutritionists and weekly client support webinars.

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